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We ask that you do not try and copy/save or screen capture our photos from the photo galleries or anywhere else on the site . Most of the pictures on the site are copyrighted by Ka-Ce J. Abshier & Torrey Lee Willcox respectively. It takes a lot of time, energy, & love to take these pictures, edit them, & post them for your viewing pleasure.

If we find that you have stolen our pictures (screen capturing/saving) without our permission we reserve the right to remove the pictures of you/your dancer or watermark the pictures of you/your dancer that we have taken. We will also reserve the right not to take anymore pictures of you/your dancer. This is to protect the work of our photographers.

We pride ourselves in having one of the most extensive Irish Dance school online galleries. Please respect our policy and do not undermine our creative rights as the owners to our photographs. Thank you.

Submitting Photos

Parents and dancers can submit photos to have up on the website! You can give Ka-Ce or Torrey a cd with your photos on it in class or email them to danceirish@aniaracademy.com

Photos CANNOT be saved under any person or dancer's name. Please save it under the feis or show name and date. Example: "FOCFeis08.jpg"

Photo Permission:

If you do not wish for you or your dancer's pictures to be up on the website you need to please let Torrey or Ka-Ce know right away. You can also e-mail us at danceirish@aniaracademy.com.

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