Frequently Asked Questions - Shows and Performances

Shows and Performances
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Shows and Performances

* Do dancers perform in shows, school recitals, etc?
-- Yes. Aniar students have plenty of opportunities to perform in a non-competitive venue. Most of our shows happen in March, around St. Patrick's Day, but we also perform throughout the year. Students have performed at weddings, retirements, school functions, fundraisers, parties, country clubs, etc.

* How can I hire Aniar Academy to perform at my venue?
-- Please see our Hire Us page.

* How soon can I or my child start doing shows?
-- When the teacher(s) feel that your child (or yourself) is ready to start dancing at shows they will let you know.

* What does my child wear?
-- Please see Aniar Outfits

* What does an Adult dancer wear?
-- Please see Aniar Outfits

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