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* What is a "feis" and how do you pronounce it?
-- Feis is pronounced "fesh." Originally it meant "festival" in which various competitions (music, baking, singing, etc.) took place. Now the term is mostly used in reference for Irish dancing competitions. Feiseanna (fesh-nuh) is the plural form of feis.

* How soon can I or my child start competing?
-- When the teacher(s) feel that your child (or yourself) is ready to start competing they will let you know, and help you to sign up.

* What does my child wear?
-- Please see Aniar Outfits

* What does an Adult dancer wear?
-- Please see Aniar Outfits

* What Organization is Aniar Academy registered under?
-- Aniar Academy is part of An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha, based in Ireland. There are several different organizations, An Coimisiun being one of them. Each organization sets up their own rules and guidelines for schools and competitions, as well as hold their own tests for individuals who want to become qualified teachers, adjudicators, and musicians.

* What is "Oireachtas?"
-- Oireachtas (O-rock-tus) is a major championship event for competitive Irish dancers. Oireachtas is held once a year, in each region. The United States currently has 3 regions. Aniar Academy is part of the Western Region. Oireachtas in the Western region always takes place in November, the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Champion dancers from all over the region compete against one another in attempts to qualify for Nationals and Worlds. Oireachtas is open to champion dancers and those dancers that the teacher deems ready for a major event. The event takes place in a different location each year, usually starting on a Thursday or Friday and ending on Sunday evening.

* How do you qualify for "Oireachtas?"
-- You must be a Preliminary or Open Champion dancer in order to par take in Oireachtas, or have received a special invitation by the teacher.

* At what age can you start competing?
-- Really, at any age can a dancer start competing. There are age levels as low as U6/U5 (under 6/under 5), and high up as Adult.

* What are the competition levels and what do I have to place in order to advance to the next level?
-- The levels and placements are below:

For each level there must be at least 5 competitors in that competition in order for the placements to take effect. So if there are only 4 dancers in your competition and you placed 1st you cannot move up to the next level.

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