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Apr 12, 2020

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Spring is here in the time of Corona Virus and we are still dancing in spite of the odds!  Most of our March shows were cancelled or postponed so March was a sad time for all Irish dancers.  The World Championships was also cancelled.  Alessandra Manta was going to the World Championships In Dublin to dance at the 50th Anniversary of the championship.  We had lots of sad dancers and dance teachers. But now we need to look forward.

if you are religiously inclined, the bible tells us that there is a season for everything under the heavens.  Ecclesiastes calls on us to honor and respect the seasons of life.  If you are not religiously inclined - the popular 60’s song “Turn turn” sings the same proclamation.  For everything in life there is a season.  

... There is a time to laugh, a time to mourn.  A time to plant, work, love and yes - there is a time to DANCE!

And we are taking the call seriously at Aniar Irish ☘️ Dance Academy!  We are still dancing and attending classes on Zoom for all levels.  So this is not the time to get lazy and stop dancing.  This is the time for rebirth and focus.  We are going to focus our attention to detail and improvement as well as learning.  This is a time to work on a new goal.  We need to keep ourselves in shape to achieve that goal when we all return to the studio for our physical classes - instead of online classes.  The day will come!


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